September 28, 2023

GED Preparation and Testing: Prepare for your GED or High School Equivalency exams with qualified instructors and small class size. With multiple locations across Teller County and the only Pearson VUE Testing Center in the region, getting your GED has never been easier. Coaching for higher learning and workforce preparation is also provided. There is a new student orientation every month, and childcare is
available at Community Partnership now in Woodland Park.

Getting Your GED Q&A from a Young Person

It was a choice I made to move forward with my life


What were the reasons that led up to you getting your GED?

I moved and I didn’t want to redo my senior year of high school

How many years of high school did you complete before you decided to take
your GED

Almost 4 years

Was it easy to find a place to do your GED?


How did you prepare for taking your GED?

I didn’t because I felt prepared enough to take the test

In your opinion, was the test easy or hard?

It was easy!

Do you think the GED prepared you for real life? Why or why not?

Not really. it was just a test and there was nothing surprising on the test that I hadn’t already learned in my 4 years of High School.

If you had to do it all over again what would you have done anything differently when it came to the decision of getting your GED?

I would have finished high school.

What advice do you have for any young person considering getting their GED v Diploma?

Stay in school!

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