July 14, 2024

On September 30, 2022 President Biden signed a proclamation declaring October National Youth Substance Prevention. As stated in the proclamation:

 Preventing substance use during adolescence has been shown to significantly reduce the chance of developing a substance use disorder later in life.  For every dollar we spend today on effective school-based prevention programs, we save $18 in the future by avoiding potential medical costs and boosting productivity on the job.  Prevention programs also make young people less likely to one day have children who use substances, highlighting the far-reaching value these efforts have across generations.

JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., Proclamation on National Youth Substance Use Prevention

How can we participate on a local level in prevention efforts? As as adult/parent/guardian you can:

  • Find out what local prevention coalitions exist in our community and participate
  • Be a trusted adult to young people in our community
  • Educate yourself about prevention work
  • Know what resources are available for young people in our community before a crisis happens

As a Young Person what can you do to support prevention in our community?

  • Advocate- Be a voice in our community to share what young people need and what is impacting you
  • Be a part of local prevention work in our community
  • Support your friends and know what resources exist to support them and you before a crisis happens

To learn more about local efforts email us: info@truteller.co

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