July 14, 2024

The start of the new school year marks a crucial period for parents, caregivers, educators, and countless students nationwide. As we anticipate a safe return to the classroom this autumn, utilize federal resources and school safety information at SchoolSafety.gov.

SchoolSafety.gov empowers districts and schools to establish and maintain secure and nurturing learning environments for students and educators. You can find over 485 resources and evidence-based practices on the website, aiding in the development and support of school safety plans, programs, and initiatives tailored to your unique school setting. These resources cover various school safety topics, including bullying prevention, student mental health support, child exploitation, online safety, school climate, emergency planning, and violence prevention.

Moreover, SchoolSafety.gov offers user-friendly tools to discover specific resources and create holistic safety programs and plans. It simplifies the search for available federal school safety funding opportunities and grant programs.

In support of the back-to-school season, SchoolSafety.gov has launched a dedicated Back-to-School Campaign. This campaign equips K-12 communities with resources like videos, communication toolkits, and infographics, enabling schools to enhance safety, access support, and collaborate with others nationwide in fostering safer educational environments.

This autumn, let’s all commit to #BacktoSchoolSafety. Join the SchoolSafety.gov Back-to-School Campaign and explore SchoolSafety.gov today.

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