Welcome to the Early Years !!!

Tru Teller presents the addition of Tru Teller Early Years.  A central resource in Teller County for parents/guardians of young children, ages 0-5 years old.

Want to add to your skillset as a new parent?

Looking for resources to health and wellness?

Need to find care for your toddler?

Teller County Serves

  • 24,926 residents
  • 10,460 households
  • 16.5% are under age 18
  • 3.6% are children <5 years old

Vision: When agencies work together, children and families get the best care and support, and communities save money as a result.

Mission: Identifying Supports, Coordinate Referrals, and Decrease Duplication.

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Our Community
The resources provided on Tru Teller Early Years support ALL families with young children under the age of 5 years old in Teller County.  It takes a community with support from local professionals and organizations to help support and bring awareness of local resources to the families and young children that call Teller County home.  Cities served include:
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